Birb Defi

Birb is a block chain based decentralized finance project. Their experience and professional team plans to give good profit to their investors. There are different features through which we can earn birb coins such as birb gaming portal, birb lottery, birb voting, NFT marketplace. We can earn coins by holding birb coins. 48% of drained $BIRB are distributed to the top 200 holders every 3 days. Start hatching and claim your 1% reward daily. Birb team promotes the holders so that more holders come and earn rewards by holding birb coins.

Birb is created on Binance smart chain (BSC). Birb developers use this block chain due to its low transaction fees. So, that everyone can easily use this coin. Due to its different features this project makes it the upcoming best project of NFT market place.

Social Sending

Birb coins can easily be sent through different social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Tik Tok, Discord, Instagram, Wechat and more. Before Birb there is no project that is working on social sending coins. A big community is using social media platforms. And they spent most of their time on these platforms for entertainment. In this way we can easily send or receive coins without creating a birb wallet. Users can easily send or receive birb coins within seconds. We can send payments by using birb coins.

We can pay e commerce payments by birb coins. E commerce is the online market where we can buy or sell products such as mobiles, clothes, baby toys, shoes and many more things. There are different websites that are working on this feature such as Amazon, Shopify, and other platforms. Payments will be instant and there will be no waiting time. Payments will be made within seconds. Payment method is secure. Fake or users involved in illegal activities cannot make payments through birb coins. The whole system is secure. Payments plugins will include WordPress, Shopify, OpenCart and more.

Birb Swap

Birb developer team is working on BirbSwap DEX exchange. In future, they will introduce a DEX exchange where we can buy or sell or swap any crypto currency with one click. This way is very simple and fast for swaping coins. Just connect your metamask wallet with birb dex exchange and buy and sell your coins. If we compare the dex exchanges with the other traditional exchanges we have to submit our personal information to exchange. But on dex exchanges we did not have to pass a KYC (Know your User). In this way our personal information is kept secure. So, these exchanges are more secure and fast for trading.

Privacy is the most important factor of any person. And privacy is a human right. Birb provides an extra layer of privacy when we use it for swapping coins in BirbSwap dex exchange. Birb keep our identity information secret. In the birb wallet our transactions will be private from public. It means that no one can see our transactions that are processed in block chain. This is the most important factor of privacy that birb team feels about the crypto community. And make this birb wallet unique from the other crypto wallets in the market.

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Rehan Zakir

Rehan Zakir

💯💯💯💯💯Follow back💯💯💯💯💯. I have recently completed Bachelor in Computer Science.

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